Franche-Comté: The Jura mountains

In winter, Chaillexon lake (Villers-le-Lac), formed by the Doubs river, becomes the largest natural skating rink in Europe.
In summer, it becomes a centre for watersports, including boat trips exploring all the meanders of the lake, which is overlooked by magnificent limestone cliffs.

The 27m high Saut du Doubs, the impressive waterfall at the edge of the lake, is the most visited natural site in Franche-Comté.



A region known for its clockmaking, with many museums exhibiting clocks and watches from the past to the present day, Franche-Comté is also famous for its food,

such as Comté and many other cheeses.

Not forgetting the prestigious "Saucisse de Morteau", the local ham and other cold meats, gently smoked in the large pyramid-shaped chimneys of the Tuyé farms.

Dominated in the 19th century by its mountain agriculture and forestry, the region can be explored by strolling through the woods, where you might meet the Montbéliard cow or the Comtois horse.

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